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Safety features of a professional housewife escort

Safety plays a very crucial role while being intimate with a professional escort. These are the girls that are unknown to a customer. No one knows about their background or past. Also, no one exactly knows about their relationships or health issues. That is why it becomes more important to hire a call girl who ensures your safety as well as your complete enjoyment. For that, either you need to dial the verified number of the certified call girls, which is 8882965397, or you need to verify on your own. If you choose our agency, here are some features that ensure your personal as well as social safety:

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Regular health checkups from a certified doctor

If you think that our cute females produce fake health certificates, you are clearly mistaken, dear friend. At the city's best call girl agency, you will find everything pure and real, whether it is the medical certificates of the call girls or their horny feelings for you. All these young and fit female escorts have their weekly appointments fixed with their doctors to ensure their personal safety as well as the customer's. So, you need not worry about the diseases of these energetic females.

Yoga, meditation, and regular exercise sessions

No matter how busy our VIP models are, they never skip their fitness sessions. On a regular basis, their trainers keep a full eye on their fitness. This is the reason why all our naughty college girls and newlyweds are well maintained and have very tight bodies. Their flexibility is also a result of those exercises. Along with this, all the bubbly call girls follow a tight diet plan that keeps them fresh and long-lasting in bed. Also, their natural body odour is so fresh and attractive.

Bounded by legal agreements

A customer who is going to call these lovely ladies always thinks about his reputation, which took years to build. No one will ever compromise with it, as this is not easy to get back. That is why he chooses only certified escort agencies to hire a female escort. Dear friend, we have been the best escort service provider in this market for a decade. And because of the love and support of our regular clients, we will continue serving you in a better way. So, choosing females means you are always hiring a legally bound sex partner. None of these hotties can share or leak any of your information with a third party. If they do, by chance, they will have to face some serious legal issues that no one wants to face.

Shooting or clicking pictures is prohibited

No matter how handsome or hot you are, professional sex workers can never click a picture or shoot your video without your permission. If you are not comfortable with that, those call girls will never go against you. There are many cases in this whole world where such videos go viral. But in this case, the well trained females of the trusted escort service keep their phones aside to make sure that everything is safe and sound. Also, they request that their clients follow the same, as it can be dangerous for both of you.

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Acceptance of payment in hand only

One of the major concerns is the payment process. An advance payment is never a guarantee of the safety of the client, but it might be safer for the agency. It is because they get to know that the client is genuine and physically available at the meeting spot. But what if the girl does not come and you keep waiting and waiting? This is why our intelligent call girls do not put a condition on advance payment not to be partial. It is safe for you, too. Therefore, always find the call girl service that is not after your money but after making strong relationships with you.

Rules you need to follow for safe encounters

Safety is equally important for everyone. Therefore, everyone has to put in some effort to make sure that there is nothing wrong with those hookups with unknown female escorts. Here are some rules that ensure the safest encounters:

1. Always check the legal status of the agency you are dealing with. There are many uncertified and illegal escort agencies in your city. Make sure that the agency you are connected with is certified and that the sex workers are licensed.

2. In our country, the legal age for making physical relationships is 18. Make sure that the girl you are hiring is 18+ to ensure that there are no legal bounds

3. Always use condims during vaginal or anus penetrations. There are many prostitutes who carry sexual diseases. So, make sure that you do not carry the same by wearing condoms.

4. Never make those sex workers your girlfriends, as they are in different relationships with different types of people. So just enjoy her short-term services and let go.

5. Make sure that all your valuable assets and wallets are in your locker. Many hot escort girls are masterminds at stealing things without getting noticed.

Do not ask for the personal number of the call girl, as she never offers anything for free. If you continue talking to her, she will definitely encourage you to have paid voice calls, video calls, etc.

6. To have friendly sex with an escort, be polite and comfortable with her. She is also a human being, not a sex toy. So, always treat her with some care and love before and after the intercourses.

7. Avoid having sex with a call girl if you find her drugged. Immediately cancel the deal, as it might be unsafe for you to get involved with such a person.

8. Never think of having a free sexual service, as it is considered illegal. Always pay the escort for her services, as it will make her feel happy and make those moments more intimate.

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